Welcome to Transforming Faith Ministries!

We look forward to fellowshipping with you. There is no judgement nor condemnation. Our goal is to share the love of God with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us tfmelpaso@gmail.com.

Transforming Faith Ministries was founded April 2018, when our eldest son was in ICU – his body completely broken – fighting for his life. Applying faith is not new to us; but in that instance, we were looking and believing for a complete miracle… even the doctors stated that we would need a miracle.

While praying to God for our son, he led us to Ezekiel 37:1-14.

For a day, I thought God was telling me about my son whose body was so broken; however, two days later, God told me that through our son, and the scriptures, he was showing us the condition of the church as a whole – dry, broken, and lifeless.

We were looking for the miracles in the church before the horrific incident that occurred to our son. God was letting us know that He is still a miracle worker, even in what seemed to be our hopeless situation. We just had to remove our focus off so much business and put it back on God.

So, as the bones were transformed, we can be also.

He then took us to Roman 12:1, for true transformation begins in the mind.